The First Trip Back

Before I left for NYC I’d been given an invitation to a wedding.  It was good friends, the kind you would move the world for if you could – although they’d never ask you to help do that,  just try to do it on there own.  I waited the allotted number of days before I opened the invitation, it was to be the first weekend of July.  A grand total of eight weeks after I moved out and two weeks after me taking time off for the American Wedding.  I checked out flights, and made noises of disgust as I saw the prices rise at the start of summer….move the world friends….flights booked and RSVP to wedding invitation said “Flights booked”.

One suitcase allowed for two weeks, work and play attire, oh and England has decided it’s going to have a proper summer it seems.  Not that I trust that and a couple of pairs of jeans are thrown into the mix along with summer clothes – NYC summer clothes – and work stuff being dresses to be dressed up or down depending on the day.  And we’re off.  Failed at the first hurdle with lack of car service turning up, seems I hadn’t confirmed the booking by giving them my credit card number “but I spoke to the guy!” I felt like screaming down the phone but maintained rather stern tones instead, “Why did he not mention anything about requiring credit card details if they were required?”  The person on the other end of the end made a non-committal noise and hung up.  Thank god for yellow cabs, albeit ten tense minutes were spent in the corner of 7th Avenue waiting for one to come my way.

Cab, check.  Airport, check.  Pre-checked in and print boarding pass at machine, check.  Flight delayed for 2 hours, check.  Awesome.  I eventually end up in the Buffalo Wings restaurant watching the tennis and drinking beer whilst The American Wedding.  We start boarding around 9.30pm.  The next day was going to hurt.  One hours sleep later we arrive in London, that makes a total of four hours for the last 24 hours and into work I go.

The first day was I admit a kind of a blur, I was seated at my old desk, no-one from my old team was in – one has moved on and the other was on vacation.  Deserted. I was promptly rescued by a couple of colleagues going for lunch, caffeine fix along with food left me dopey so straight to the coffee shop.  Where I bump into someone as I realise I don’t have the right bits of plastic yet to buy food and drink in work who promptly rescues me by supplying me with more caffeine.  I gave up when my head started lolling down towards my desk in sharp succession, heading home to my friends house to crawl into bed for a few hours.

Staying with friends when you want to catch up is perfect.  So I’m staying with one of my best friends, we’re sharing a room so it feels a bit like we’re regressing to pajama party, even though we’re trying to get to bed early and not talk all night.  The schedule is packed, birthday dinner on the Friday, wedding on the Saturday, recovery on the Sunday and admin there is always admin of some kind, the next week is already almost full too.  Ah this is more normal, although the living out of a case bit I could leave.  {shrugs} that’s the price of the adventure I guess.

The wedding was awesome!  We were early – almost unheard of – so some of the first there with the exception of the wedding party.  We got to see the bride and groom and meet the respective mom’s.  The bride looked amazing, so serene (she’s not going to believe me) and positively glowing with happiness.  The groom scrubbed up well too.  Actually he looked fabulous and very happy and very very proud when it came to the placing of the rings and signing the register.  The room was filled with friends who had travelled from all over to be there with them, and not one person stopped grinning the whole way through the service.

There was a small contingent from New York, and we felt like they had arranged the party just for us.  We got to see a whole bunch of our close friends, in a fantastic location, no hassles or stresses about organising people, a bar all to ourselves and many many hours to catch up in.  AND they managed to get married.  Everyone in their finery, eager to please and chat, many many pregnant women wandering around or taking their repose in chairs – definitely five or six – plus a baby.  The party was very ‘them’ we all agreed.  It was fabulous and not too fancy, that wouldn’t have suited.  No formal sit down, but bowls of food brought out for you as you mingled and chatted and drank too much champagne and vodka, forgetting about documenting the event until the champagne has flowed for quite a while.  Ah well, there are bound to be people there with awesome pictures, there was a number of very fancy looking SLR’s floating around the place.  Here’s hoping someone got some shots of me not making stupid faces at the camera for a change.

We partied until close, some then went on to party till dawn and beyond.  We still managed to not get to bed before about 4.30am obviously, that would just have been wrong.  Anyhow that was an early night for my body clock that was still very much on NY time.  Ah well…that would be the next week’s worry.


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