Random Evenings

The plan was to head up to Camden catch up with some folks from a charity hike that some friends did as part of the 3 Peaks Challenge back in June.  We’d get to see photo’s , have dinner and generally good time.  Then work got in the way.  6.15pm comes and I call my friend, she’s still up to her eyes and needs at least until 7. I carry on working, there is ALWAYS stuff to do.  Just gone 7, needs another 15 mins, she gets about 30.  I’ve decided I’ve had enough, I’ll head down for a wander round and give her a call in 15 mins, it’s now 7.30.

I start closing stuff down when I realise to my horror I still owe my colleague in the US some work, due today.  Send a quick email to my friend, we’re both now down to the wire again.  A quick update that’s all she needed, as I’m digging through emails to find the data to backup my update.  Hit send and we’re done.  Now it really is time to go.  We’re both finished, yay!  Station in 10 minutes? Done.  See you there.

It’s now too late to join the others, they’re having food and the slide show is due to start…ah now.
We look at each other in agreement, plan B required.  Food? Drink? Both?  How about Milk and Honey?

Wow that was easy.  And even though it was busy they still found us a table in Milk and Honey – I promise one day I will book ahead. There’s something slightly decadent and comforting about members bars, and M&H is an excellent example.  Friendly, but not too friendly, attentive but not overly and delicious cocktails mixed with tasty bar snacks – all in all not a bad plan B.

We got to get our bad days out of our system, we got the good bits oohed and ahead over appropriately.  Plans for the weekend, what the hell are we going to wear to her party that has been themed ‘Seven Year Itch’ ?  Particularly when 95% of my wardrobe is the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!!!  Two champagne cocktails and some nibbles later it’s somehow got to 11pm, and I have to get back across town before the last Overland (aka the East London Line to those of us prior 2010) leaves Canada Water heading south around 11.53.  I scrape in and get the last but one train, grinning in self satisfaction of making it with time to spare.  Only dampened slightly when leaving the station at New Cross Gate I find I need to dig through my enormous New York handbag to find my tiny London umbrella.  My last few days staying here, I savour the moment before heading in to the sleeping house.

* Small umbrellas in NYC just don’t work.  They don’t keep enough of you dry, the wind takes them apart, I’m amazed mine has lasted as long as it has.  I will have to succumb and by an umbrella that I can actually keep all of me dry under one day soon, however for the English drizzle it was more than fine


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