You know you’re in NYC….

Going away for three weeks at the start of summer, leaving you’re new apartment in NYC….a pain but not a big drama. It did mean I missed the bug guy.

The bug guy comes around the building on the first weekend of every month, never having had experience of monster insects I was a little blase about the whole thing. Friends here had said yes definitely get the guy in so I was prepared to do so.

Any how, I missed the bug guy. I’ve been away for three weeks. I get back late Sunday, all good and thank god for air con. I know how bad they are but when you walk into your apartment and it’s 90 degrees you LOVE your air conditioning unit. It means that you can sleep for a start.
Came home Wednesday possibly Thursday after work before heading out, let my front door shut behind me it didn’t quite shut so went to push it shut and saw something scurry up the door and into the gap above the door. EEK!

Let’s just set the bar here, I can do bugs. I do the outdoors, camp, hike etc. so bugs I might not like but I can deal with. For some reason bugs in my apartment turn me into a complete girl. I ran – I really did – to the cupboard and grabbed the Raid, the one that kills ants and roaches. And sprayed into the top of the door. Out falls the roach, dead but somehow still hanging on the door. I had to get rubber gloves to collect the now very dead roach in paper to bin. Eugh.
And then today, went to get water out of the fridge – yes I drink bottled water now too, it’s the easiest way to chill it – and knocked the bin, and some little sucker comes scuttling round. I ran, yes I ran, out of the room making ridiculous girlie noises of disgust. Hmm. About turn, open kitchen cupboard and get the Raid and spray. Ha! Take that dead bug. Might need to buy more bug spray or learn how to use less. Now I’m wondering if I should spray under the fridge, but am somewhat trepidatious of what might happen.

AirCon – check
Bug War – check
Bottled Water in fridge – check

Yes I’m definitely in NYC and it’s summer.


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