The Bowling of the Ball

My best bowling night ever!  I swear.  I doubt it will be beaten on pure flukieness.

My skill with the bowling ball is…..understated to say the least.  Needing working is another way of putting it.  However somehow this evening I managed to pull off 3 strikes in one game, and if that were not enough, it was 3 strikes in a row.

The brain then starts to tick over, well if I did play a little more – more than once every couple of years – or if  I played more ball sports.  Ah the enlightening qualities of beer.  Although it appears I have found my perfect bowling point, 1 grey goose and soda (twist of lime), one plate of pork sliders and a corona light.  After a yoga class.  The second beer it seems killed the perfect symmetry 🙂

Did I win the game?  Did I hell.  My friend blasted through the last round catching up and beyond with 2 strikes in a row.  His scoring had been fairly consistent all the way through, mine….well yes it was fairly erratic.   Ah but I can bask in the glory that once I too scored 3 straight strikes.  I don’t expect it to happen again


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