JFK v’s Heathrow

So this is bound to cause contention. Which is the better airport?
To be fair, I’m comparing JFK Terminal 4 to Heathrow Terminal 3 (I think)….discuss.
Criteria? Shopping choices to include diversity of stores, extent of things available in those stores, the tax thing, luggage delivery, passport control – nothing that is airline specific.
Shopping, Heathrow. Hands down.
The duty free in JFK T4 is pitiful in the area of beauty and creams and potions. I needed new eye cream, unless I wanted to buy one of the big 4 or 5 I was out of luck.
Electrical stores – I’m in the market for new headphones – Heathrow. Oh and wait JFK charge you tax on everything that is sold outside of the duty free store. I was most indignant.
Options on food, Heathrow I think has more choice, for quality and price they’re both the similar extortionate prices.
Passport control, last time I went back into the US they had 1 person doing non-US nationals. 1!!! And then today at Heathrow I have to admit a feeling of smugness as all the UK and EU passport holders were waved past the queue that was already an hour long. Ha, take that!
However that happy feeling went away after the 40 minute wait for luggage.


2 thoughts on “JFK v’s Heathrow

  1. There are big differences in JFK Terminals, T3 (Delta) is the oldest, ugliest terminal I’ve ever seen, anywhere in the world you’re better off. In Heathrow shopping is excellent, for food you need a bit of luck to be on the right terminal. But in luggage JFK wins, or any NYC airport for that matter. Passport is best at Newark, JFK varies between 10m and 2.5h. Funny enough T5 is best at both places, JFK and LHR 🙂

  2. I beg to differ, JFK is the only airport (now this is going to jinx it) that has ever lost my luggage, and the reason? It arrived too late for the plane….how that could happen when one flight had been delayed so we missed our connection and had a 4 hour wait in the airport? Oh and my other bag made it through in time. Now every airport I go through is going to lose my luggage isn’t it?

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