The Evil Jet Lag

I like travel.  A lot.  In fact I love travel.  New places, new adventures, new people, the experience, even the not so nice parts along with the good.  But I really really don’t like jet lag.  It’s evil.

I’m not the best at getting to sleep, as for sleeping on a plane – even when you do get lucky and get a bed-seat – not a chance.  I envy those people who can just go out like a light, anywhere and everywhere.  One friend is so good at this she has been known to fall asleep before take off in Heathrow and only woke up when they were touching down in Hong Kong.  How you can sleep with so many people around you?  Not to mention the noise.

The first day in I can usually manage to stay awake until bedtime, if I’ve done the red eye then I may need to catch a couple of hours during the day otherwise I start falling over and making no sense.  But day two, different story entirely.  I’m tired, I know I’m tired.  I even went and did a fairly strenuous yoga class to assist.  Started getting sleepy, got to bed around 12.30am.  And have been lying here trying to get to sleep ever since. What I really want – and it is currently in NYC so it’s not going to help – is my sound asleep pillow, the one I plug my ipod into and it very gently plays music to send me to sleep.  As I said, it’s in NYC.

So evil jet lag is currently winning, I’ve done the herbal tea, I’ve done the relaxing balm, I’ve lay there just breathing and trying ignore anything else.  I gave up and started looking at FB – like you do when you’re awake at 2.30am.  Ah well, tomorrow is going to be fun then, maybe I won’t be leaving at 7.15am with my friend after all.

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep…..


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