Santa’s Invasion

It was a Saturday in early December, the temperature has lifted to the high 40’s and all is normal in the West Village except that or as far as the eye can see there were Santa’s everywhere.  All shapes and sizes, and I’m not just talking about the outfits!

What is SantaCon?  Well it’s basically an excuse to go out dressed up as Santa and have fun.  And this happens all over the world!  Although the NYC seems to have it’s own site and a charitable theme – food donations – and then a whole ream of other things the Santa’s may find useful / need to know.  The count down for 2011 it seems has already started!

I’ve seen 1000’s of Santa’s running round Battersea Park in London, I’ve seen 100’s of Christmas themed people dong the 12 pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl, this is the first time I have seen Santa’s absolutely everywhere I looked.  In bars, coffee shops, restaurants, deli’s, on the street, some looking worse for wear by now admittedly! Mix that in with the Christmas trees you see lining every avenue almost on every corner, we could have moved to Christmas land.

The silly season in NYC has most definitely started.

Oh and as a postscript, one of the websites that co-ordinates this was unfortunately brought down yesterday, by too many Santa’s!?  They’ve recovered the database and are rebuilding on a new server, normal Santa service will resume as soon as possible.


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