The things we do in NYC

Tonight I watched the first round of the Pro Bull Riding competition in Madison Square Garden.  Yep you heard me, the rodeo came to town.  Two hours of man v’s beast and it was a pretty even contest I have to say.  Some of the favourites had a shocker and were out in the first round, some amazing displays of sticking power and the occasional display of pure stubbornness and attitude from the bull in question – like the one who chased the wrangler and his horse around the arena and did not want to go back in.

All credit to the ‘clowns’ – these days known as the safety team – the wrangler, the gatemen, the entertainer and all those folks we guess are working in the background to move however many 100’s of pounds worth of bull to give the show they gave, not to mention the riders.  Hardcore. Particularly the one whose foot got stuck and got dragged out of the arena still attached to the bull taking the clowns with him.

And then we headed to the lower east side to go watch, laugh, cheer and partake (in some cases not mine)  in the riding of a mechanical bull!!  Ah how I love random things like this in NYC, you just never know where your going to end up next.


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