Snowboarding Anyone?

It was almost like that.  I dropped into an email discussing climbing plans that I wanted to snowboard on the weekend, and as if by magic people are in.  I love snowboarding in Europe, jumping on a plane to Geneva has almost become second nature during the season.  Moving to the US was scary, away from all the people that do the climbing and snowboarding – but then the mountains were only going to be a couple of hours away.  This would mean day trips, hopefully. Just needed to find folks who wanted to play.

And play we did.  Bless ’em.  They picked me up at 7am and dropped me home around 9pm.  In between there was snow, and there was boarding, and a definite feeling of getting my feet back into to.  The odd moment on sheet ice when there’s some internal questioning about turning, but then you push through.  I got brain freeze a couple of times when the wind, ice and snow snuck in thee gap between my goggles and helmet, you’ve seen how dogs shake their heads when they’ve tasted something they don’t like?  That was me.

Windham was great, perfect for what I needed.  Not to hardcore but hard enough to keep everyone amused.  Not vast, but then we were going for a day.  It was busy, but I’ve been in longer lines for a lift and these ones were so well managed.  No attitude – which is the reputation of Hunter – more snow is always wanted, but what there was hard packed and getting ice coming though.  One mogul field looked like blocks of ice for the first quarter.  High winds and dropping temperatures meant the need to wrap up warm but it is winter and we’re on the snow!  The boys made my day fun, just let me find my feet again and casually mentioned how much faster I was riding from first thing.  No biggie, just an aside.  But it leaves you with a nice little boost.  The only downside was my Achilles tendon.  I started to feel it after an hour or so, kept going for 4 or so in the end.  But with the ball coming up – have I mentioned the ball yet? – and more board trips planned wreaking my tendon on the first outing was not going to happen.  So with some reluctance and a large amount of self-restraint I went for a late lunch and to watch the Ravens thrash the Chiefs.  Yeah, it was a pretty good Sunday 🙂

My thanks to all the guys – Alex, Sam, Petko and Jon – for wanting to come play, and Alex for doing all the driving.  Now the question is when’s the next one?  I figure the weekend before the ball is a bad idea….I might get hung drawn and quartered if I did myself an injury!

The postscript to this great day was coming home to find for whatever reason a severe lack of hot water in my apartment so the dream of a bath which I had been contemplating for the last hour or so rapidly faded.  Ah well, can’t have it all.


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