Snow is one of my favourite things.  Always has been.  I was not happy about missing the storm just after Christmas in NYC.  The weather decided to make it up to me.

Coming home last night with snow falling all around, a couple inches already laying on the ground was somehow magical.  The glow of the street lamps were softened, all the buildings and cars disguised under the white powder, even the bin bags have been turned into interesting shapes covered in their blanket of snow.

I know it plays hell with transport, it can cause accidents (people be careful out there), but how can you not love something that turns the world so pretty?


One thought on “Snow

  1. My family lived in New York, then Boston, for a year and despite commuting in it, or shoveling the walkway, or digging out my car, or the freezing deep chill that seems to set deep in ones bones…I miss it. I must agree, that snow softens all the hard edges of buildings and adds such beauty to the sleeping trees. Thank you for helping me to remember why I miss the snow as I “enjoy” my southern California winter.

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