The days when it doesn’t work quite so well

I’ve started training again – running, spin (my bike is desperately lonely in the corner and will get some TLC very soon) working out and now swimming. The latter right now is the hardest by far – and according to the coaches (I do agree) I did not know how to swim.
Anyhow, today, I was trying to fit in a spin class and a swim….. failed the spin so I went for a run. Or rather I attempted to run through what felt like molasses.

Everything was heavy, couldn’t get in to my zone, it was a real effort just to do 3.5 miles – I swear it felt like 10! The sparkly new shoes didn’t seem to help either, tho at least they don’t seem to hinder. After being soundly told off for having the same running shoes for literally years I was expecting them to at least fly or something.

Then I swam. Or I did my version. Which actually wasn’t as bad as I was expecting after my performance on the treadmill, but far from elegant. Ho hum, that’s why I started swim training 5 months ahead of the tri.


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