In Memory of Alan Z Feuer (8th November 1941 – 26th March 2012)

On Monday 26th March Alan Zachary Feuer left this world for what we all hope is a better place, where he is no longer in pain and fighting lung cancer but living life to the fullest, dancing at parties, surrounded by many many beautiful elegant women, dazzling them all with his wit and humour, drinking till dawn and beyond with not the slightest possibility of a hangover….and maybe there’s a hot-tub too.

I had the fortune to meet Alan in 2010 at new dancers reception for the Quadrille – of course – and he was an arresting sight.  A perfectly dressed gentlemen appearing to be smoking a pipe, sitting to one side of the reception room but with a continual flow of people who very obviously revered and respected him chatting to him before it was time to make way for the next person.  Alan had the ability to make you feel like the most important person in the room, he gave you a smile and his full attention and even then while battling cancer most definitely enjoyed flirting with all the girls!

At the service yesterday, a full church heard stories of Alan as the life and soul of the party, Alan the ex-service man, Alan as a very dear family friend – who became part of that family – and as a man who did much for others around him in his life.  The man I heard about yesterday made me realise how much I wish I could have met him earlier, before the ravages of cancer took their toll.  I wish somehow I could have recorded every word in my head that Alan had said to me, the stories he had told, wishing now for replays of all our encounters.

Instead I will listen to all the stories people tell me, I will look at all the photos that they have gathered, I will laugh as his past adventures are recounted, learn more about the man I wished I had known better and mourn the empty space that he has left in so many lives.  When the time comes to dance and sing and be merry in his memory I will do so; dressed, along with the many others, in my finest  to sparkle and shine as we dance in memory of a friend.  In the meantime, I will remember that joi de vivre that he instilled in everything he did and try to do the same.  Even in passing Alan leaves an impression.

Adieu Mr Feuer, it was a pleasure sir, and I wish you peace in your long repose.


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