Cake for breakfast

I made cupcakes on the weekend and gave them to a friend for her birthday, she mentioned to me that they’d been a couple left over on Monday which she had for breakfast…. that rang a bell, cakes for breakfast…. I then started to remember ….

When I was a youngster maybe 12 or 13, my mum and I used to stay with my best friend, her sister and mum in their caravan / trailer in mid-Wales ever summer for a couple of weeks. They’d be 5 of us and one or more dogs in this little static square caravan nestled in amongst the trees, above a river on a hilly grassy caravan park.  We did this for years, but the time I’m thinking of I just hitting teenage angst I think.

My mum was always the first one up, taking the dogs out for a walk, getting milk of the twice weekly milkman who came to the site or maybe getting something from the baker, again twice a week I think, and we ‘kids’ got to sleep in like teenagers want / need to.  My best friend’s mum was also the coolest and just a little more lax on the rules than my mum** and food was often an adventure.

So one morning we hear the yell of the baker in our slumber, and my friend’s mum suggested the then unthinkable as a treat, why don’t we have pastries for breakfast?  My mum made disapproving noises but didn’t I seem to remember put up a particular big argument and even when out to get them for us.  My ultimate treat back then was vanilla custard slices. Yep you’re picturing it right, vanilla custard in between two slabs of Millefeuille pastry topped with vanilla fondant!  Complete and utter decadence now, for a teenager in the 80’s it was nigh on heaven!!

This then became a ritual, once a week – I don’t think we ever succumbed to twice – while hiding out in the wildes of Wales surrounded by sheep, forest and river we would have the utmost pleasure of waking up to the breakfast of queens.

** My mum, by the way, is the most adorable wonderful amazing woman you’ll ever have the fortune to meet – all my friends adore her too so its not just my bias.  But I was a teenager and still hadn’t realised this.



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