A Sprinkle in Time

“A Baby Sprinkle on April 18th….” “Ah…. what is that exactly?”

Being the only Brit amongst a small group of American women in the discussion, I was confused to say the least. I knew what a baby shower was obviously. Although not exactly common in the UK, we’d had them for a few friends and then there had been the full on American shower for the same friend when she was expecting her first – and yes there was a list / registry and yes you are basically trying to set them up for their first year.

But a sprinkle?

“Do we bring presents?” was my naive question – knowing the answer would be yes but expecting (and I did) to get a response that would explain what level of presents we’re bringing, followed by more details of how many people etc.

Ah ok…. so actually more along the lines of what i was used to in the UK for a baby shower! And what a lovely Sprinkle it was!


3 friends hosting at someone’s home for a small group of friends and family, our hostess making delicious vegetable lasagna and salad, with the addition of cupcakes, iced tea and prosecco, good conversation, including some historical adventures – for entertainment value of course, but if I were to repeat I’d have to change the names in the interests of protecting the guilty!! And my friend enjoying a few hours of ‘adult’ company away from her 3.5yr old son & 15 month old daughter, both adorable and well loved, but everyone has to get a break sometimes ūüôā



The perfect weather meant we could sit out on the porch overlooking the park which was springing into life with blossoms and greenery.


The tree in full bloom provided a beautiful backdrop for a photo with the four school friends in the garden.


So now I’ve been to¬†American weddings, baby showers, a sprinkle….. –¬†and done¬†all of those with the same friend, yes we’ve known each other that long – I wonder what other all ‘merican social event I¬†will experience next?



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