A Sprinkle in Time

“A Baby Sprinkle on April 18th….” “Ah…. what is that exactly?”

Being the only Brit amongst a small group of American women in the discussion, I was confused to say the least. I knew what a baby shower was obviously. Although not exactly common in the UK, we’d had them for a few friends and then there had been the full on American shower for the same friend when she was expecting her first – and yes there was a list / registry and yes you are basically trying to set them up for their first year.

But a sprinkle?

“Do we bring presents?” was my naive question – knowing the answer would be yes but expecting (and I did) to get a response that would explain what level of presents we’re bringing, followed by more details of how many people etc.

Ah ok…. so actually more along the lines of what i was used to in the UK for a baby shower! And what a lovely Sprinkle it was!


3 friends hosting at someone’s home for a small group of friends and family, our hostess making delicious vegetable lasagna and salad, with the addition of cupcakes, iced tea and prosecco, good conversation, including some historical adventures – for entertainment value of course, but if I were to repeat I’d have to change the names in the interests of protecting the guilty!! And my friend enjoying a few hours of ‘adult’ company away from her 3.5yr old son & 15 month old daughter, both adorable and well loved, but everyone has to get a break sometimes šŸ™‚



The perfect weather meant we could sit out on the porch overlooking the park which was springing into life with blossoms and greenery.


The tree in full bloom provided a beautiful backdrop for a photo with the four school friends in the garden.


So now I’ve been toĀ American weddings, baby showers, a sprinkle….. –Ā and doneĀ all of those with the same friend, yes we’ve known each other that long – I wonder what other all ‘merican social event IĀ will experience next?



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