The Inconceivability of “No”

Why is it still unacceptable / inconceivable that when I’ve just been approached late at night on the street, I do not want to talk to / make friends with the random stranger who has just appeared out of the dark? Why does it still take resorting to agreeing that there is “already a man” to drive the point home to leave you alone? I’m not sure whether i was more annoyed by allowing the use of the ploy and it being effective, or having to use it in the first instance!

I’ve just read an article about how Outlander (yes I know) was demonstrating that the only way women were ‘protected’ from harm / others in the 1700’s was being married and viewed as property belonging to someone else, It would appear that in the minds of some we have come no further.

There is the possibility that I was unclear in the delivery of my response, however I thought “No thanks” and “Sorry not interested” to the overtures of exchanging names and getting to know each other was pretty plain.


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